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When Algeria ceased to be French

I am happy to work again for La Série Documentaire of France Culture. In the continuation of the 4 radio documentaries written for this program of Radio France and broadcasted at the beginning of March (LA GUERRE D'INDÉPENDANCE RACONTÉE PAR LES ALGÉRIENS / THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE RELATED BY THE ALGERIANS - accessible in podcast) and of the 6 episodes of EN GUERRE(S) POUR L'ALGÉRIE / AT WAR(S) FOR ALGERIA (now available in Europe on, with 6 different versions of subtitles!), I am currently writing QUAND L'ALGÉRIE A CESSÉ D'ÊTRE FRANÇAISE / WHEN ALGERIA CEASED TO BE FRENCH.

These 4 new radio documentaries of one hour each will once again be produced by Rafik Zénine. They will tell the story of the weeks and months that followed the Algerian War as experienced by those who, in Algeria as in France, have been witnesses and actors of this period exactly 60 years ago. The broadcast is scheduled for the second half of September 2022.


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