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Children of Chaos at the 20. Millenium Docs Againts Gravity Film Festival!

DZIECI CHAOSU, the Polish version of the film CHILDREN OF CHAOS will have its international premiere at the Millenium Against Gravity 2023 Festival in Warsaw. Directed and written by Agnes Pizzini and Julien Johan, this 90-minute documentary tells the story of twelve million children who, in 1945, wander through the rubble of a Central Europe that has just emerged from its deadliest conflict. Many of them are separated from their parents or orphans. They are in a tragic situation. By demographic opportunism and fear of seeing them indoctrinated by new forms of totalitarianism, France, the United States, Great Britain and the countries of Central Europe relocate them and give them up for adoption, erasing their history and their identity.

With my associate Malgorzata Brzeczkowska, I was in charge of the shooting of a large part of this film in Poland, but also of the whole post-production of the version intended for the Polish public. CHILDREN OF CHAOS is a co-production between France (Elephant Doc), Belgium (Kwassa Films) and Poland (Vertigo). It was co-financed by Lutetia Arabians and Canal+ Polska, with the support of PISF, Polish Film Institute.


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