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Children of Chaos in final post-production!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Yesterday, at CineLine (Warsaw) began the 3 days recording sessions for the commentary and dubbing of the Polish version of the film CHILDREN OF CHAOS, with Magdalena Czerwinska as the main narrator. Several years after the shooting of my film THE MOLE, in which she played one of the main characters, it was a great pleasure for me to work again with this brilliant actress. The next speakers will be: Anastasja Poltawska, Elzbieta Kijowska, Zbigniew Mostal, Monika Ekiert, Ania Apostolakis and Robert Mazurkiewicz.

Written and directed by Agnès Pizzini and Julien Johan, the feature-length documentary CHILDREN OF CHAOS (86') is now entering the final phase of its development. I am very proud to be with Malgorzata Brzeczkowska (and my company VERTIGO) the Polish co-producer of this vermoving film. Written and directed by Agnès Pizzini and Julien Johan, it tells a story that has never been told: that of the thousands of children who wandered through Europe at the end of World War II. The thousands of lost children who were then used for political ends by the winning powers between 1945 and 1952. It’s a global historical investigation into the aftermaths of the deadliest conflict ever.

CHILDREN OF CHAOS is a co-production between France (ELEPHANT DOC, FRANCE TELEVISION, PLANETE+), Belgium (KWASSA FILM, RTBF) and Poland (VERTIGO, CANAL+ POLAND, LUTETIA ARABIANS). It has received selective funding support from the CNC and the Polish Film Institute. Its international premiere is scheduled for the fall of 2022.


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