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Filming in Ukraine

From May 9 to 14, I shot documentary scenes and interviews at the Lviv Regional Children's Specialized Clinical Hospital for the audio-visual campaign I am directing for Northwell Health (Agency: StrawberryFrog LLC, New York. Production: Film Produkcja, Warsaw). These days spent in the actual reality of Ukrainian health care workers and their young patients were an incredible experience of life and courage. My team and I were moved to tears several times as we heard their often heartbreaking stories. I will start editing on Monday and hope to be able to broadcast the result very soon. Thank you to the whole team and their exceptional work: Nicolas Villegas (DOP), Jan Boguszewzski (sound engineer), Pavlo Bishko (fixer), Wojciech Zubek (assistant operator), Grazyna Bastek (producer), Tomek Krzywicki (production manager), Ola Stankiewicz (production assistant), Mariusz i Robert (drivers).


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