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Herbert. Barbarian in the Garden

On September 4 and 5, the first two public screenings of my new documentary took place in Warsaw as part of the 18. Millenium Docs Against Gravity International Film Festival. With me on stage were some members of the crew: Producers Monika Szaniawska (Lutetia Arabians) and Maria Blicharska (Donten&Lacroix), President of the Zbigniew Herbert Foundation Maria Dzieduszycka, Production Manager Magdalena Puzmujzniak, Cinematographer Jakub Burakiewicz, Assistant Cinematographer Tomasz Bartosik, Editor Milosz Hermanowicz, Composer Adam Walicki, and Actor Andrzej Chyra. After so many months of work and waiting, those premiere were a very moving moments. I was impressed by the attention with which the large audience watched the film and by the very enthusiastic reactions that came up during the discussions. I hope this is just the beginning of a long adventure!

Credits: Ludwik Lis @warsawstyle, Paulina Kurach @kurach.kabala


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