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Herbert... in Paris

On Sunday, November 21, a special screening of the film took place in Paris as part of the festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe. Its objective was to launch of the crowdfunding campaign for the promotion and international distribution of the documentary. The screening was a great success!

After four years of production, shooting in eleven countries, 23 interviews and research on Zbigniew Herbert’s works, we managed to finance the long Polish version of our film thanks to our co-producer Lutetia Arabians, the distributor Against Gravity, the TV broadcasters, and with the support from the Polish Film Institute and the Mazovia Warsaw Film Fund.

Now, our aim is to promote the international distribution of the film. We also plan to create 52-minutes version more suitable for its broadcast in several languages : French, English and German.

This involves costs in terms of translation, subtitling and post-production, and recording Herbert's poems read by English, French and German actors.

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