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On the set of a new movie!

Updated: Feb 27

From February 1st to 6th, I started in Israel the first stage of the shooting of my new film. Entitled CYWIA & RACHELA. THEY RESISTED IN THE WARSAW GHETTO this documentary is produced by Zadig Productions (from Paris) for France Television on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I decided to revisit this major event of the Second World War through the story of two outstanding women, who survived the tragedy: Cywia Lubetkin and Rachela Auerbach. Paralleling their biographies allows me to better tell not only the facts, participants, and events, but also sources and consequences of the heroic resistance of the Jews of Warsaw. Given the new historical research and findings currently coming to light, 80 years after the events, this double account is also a unique way of reviving the memory of a culture whose importance, diversity and richness were the target of an unprecedented destruction.

The film's cinematographer is Mateusz Skalski. In Israel, the production support was brilliantly handled by Yonatan Cohen Zaguri, and sound recording by Amir Boverman. The shooting took place at Yad Vashem, Tel Aviv and at the Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz. The second stage of the production is currently being prepared. It will take place in Poland during March and April.


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