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Vertigo is executive producer of Joanna Grudzinska's new film!

AGAINST HISTORY is a french documentary project produced by ZADIG PRODUCTIONS (Céline Nusse, Paul Rozenberg, Claire Millière) for ARTE Strasbourg. VERTIGO is producing the entire shoot, which will take place in Poland from February 16 to 27.

The Franco-Polish director Joanna Grudzinska (KOR, REVOLUTION ECOLE, NOT ALL OF ME WILL DIE) once again examines the past of the country of her birth. It is in Poland that the history of the Shoah is most studied and commented on. It is from Poland that the first works on the involvement of civilian populations in the destruction of the Jews originated, and have since been followed throughout the world. But it is also in Poland that historians dealing with the subject are the most violently attacked by certain political parties and opinion groups.

What are the methods and achievements of those Polish historians who belong to the "New School of the Shoah"? Why do some Poles refuse to accept what they know about the country's past?

Jan Grabowski, Elzbieta Janicka, Anna Bikont and Jan Gross are the main characters in this film. They are the repositories and transmitters of a knowledge that some refuse to accept, in favor of a victimized, heroic and entirely false national mythology.

Executive producer: Rafael Lewandowski. Production manager: Malgorzata Brzeczkowska. DOP: Eva Sehet. Sound: Jan Boguszewski. First AD: Aleksandra Jakubczak. Production assistant (Zadig): Anna Michalak.


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