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End of shooting

Updated: Feb 27

On Saturday April 22nd, I made the last shots of my new documentary CYWIA & RACHELA. THEY RESISTED IN THE WARSAW GHETTO in the small town of Krynki, in the north-east of Poland. Started on February 1st (except for a preview in July 2022), the shooting took place over 14 days, in Israel and in Warsaw, with Mateusz Skalski on camera (and Nicolas Villegas for one day), Jan Boguszewski and Amir Boverman on sound, Damian Borejko as assistant operator and responsible for the drone shots. It would not have been possible without the support of the entire production team in Paris (Céline Nusse, Ruth Zylberman, Paul Rozenberg, Florence Guinaudeau, Maud Ramos Guerrero), as well as the help of Anna Michalak and the precious collaboration of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland, and the valuable work of Yonatan Cohen Zaguri and Daniel Salomon in Israel.

I was very impressed by the commitment and passion of all those who agreed to tell, testify, explain and share their brilliant knowledge in front of the camera: Sharon Geva, Yael and Eyal Zukerman, Boaz Cohen in Israel; Karolina Szymaniak, Maria Ferenc, Katarzyna Person, Piotr Laskowski, Kamil Klimek, Viola Bachur, Tomasz Stempkowski, Jacek Konik, Jolanta Konstańczuk and Cecylia Szczawinska in Poland. I am now in the beginning of editing with Pierre Haberer at Zadig Productions.


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